The Chronicles of C&C’s First Brewing Adventure: Day #2. It’s Bottling Time!

The Chronicles of C&C’s First Brewing Adventure: Day #2. It’s Bottling Time!

We’ve fast-forwarded a few weeks since our day of boiling and embarking on the Brewer’s Best brewing journey! As we reconvened in Cathy’s sunny kitchen for our bottling expedition, we anxiously awaited our first look at the fermented batch of C&C’s IPA.

What would our batch look like? It’s the moment of truth – did we boil correctly!? Well, bottling day turned out to be quite exciting, let me tell you. First pulling out our trusty Brewer’s Best instruction manual, we got ”bottling day” rolling with a solid sanitization of all of our bottling equipment. Our client’s words still echoed in our heads – everything needs to be perfectly sanitized!

  • First up on the agenda? Boiling our priming sugar! Once our sugar mixture was added to the bottling bucket, we managed to siphon our beer from our fermenting bucket into the bottling bucket. Learning how to siphon was pretty darn-exciting. It was like we were back in science class, only the grown-up version.


    • From the bottling bucket, we were able to use our handy siphon and spigot contraption once again to transfer our beer into bottles. Only one minor beer spill too, I might add. We were pretty proud of ourselves.

    • With all 48 bottles filled, we used our easy Brewer’s Best Bottling Capper to close our bottles and then placed the case back down in Cathy’s nook to finish their carbonation process before we could crack one open!

      We’re still anxiously awaiting the day to open up our first bottle and take those first sips, but in the meantime, we’ve had some fun with putting our own “stamp” on our IPA batch. Check back next week for our last installment of the C&C Brewing Adventure – because we need YOUR help for the final leg of our beer-making journey!