Pedorthic Association of Canada Steps Up Communications

Pedorthic Association of Canada Steps Up Communications

Winnipeg, MB – March 30, 2016 –The Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) has increased its marketing gait with the launch of two innovative and complementary new communications campaigns. While the campaigns have different targets, healthcare professionals and individuals committed to healthy active living, unified messaging focuses on how Canadian Certified Pedorthists – orthotic and footwear experts – can ease foot and lower limb pain and increase mobility.

“A startling 75% of Canadians will experience foot pain, and orthotics and orthopaedic footwear from Canadian Certified Pedorthists can help treat and prevent foot and lower limb problems,” says Jonathan Strauss, CEO, PAC. “Our new pedorthic awareness campaigns are designed to reach physicians and health-conscious consumers where they work and play by directly engaging them in physicians’ offices and social media.”

Created to complement PAC’s ongoing communications program PAC’s AOR, boutique PR agency Cowan & Company ( developed both partnerships and is managing content development and program coordination in collaboration with PAC’s association management firm, Strauss (

The program with healthcare communications company IDS Canada (, educates physicians about pedorthic treatment and encourages them to refer patients to a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. IDS is currently hand-delivering a Physicians Guide to Pedorthic Management information kit to 1,500 physicians across Canada. Additionally, PAC’s patient-focused foot orthotics and foot pain brochures are being displayed in 550 high-traffic physicians’ waiting rooms across the country until the end of the month.

The second campaign featuring TV personality and wellness expert Bryce Wylde and content and video production company RYOT Media ( includes the development of two, informative 90 second “Healthy Living Minute” videos. Featuring Wylde and Canadian Certified Pedorthist Ryan Robinson the videos bring to life the content in the foot orthotic and foot pain brochures on display in physician waiting rooms. The videos, which debuted on YouTube and in late March, will be supported by targeted digital advertising on Facebook and YouTube until mid-May.

Additionally, throughout 2016 Cowan & Company will continue to increase awareness of the benefits of pedorthic treatment through strategic communications, media relations including matte stories with Fifth Story and fresh content, including regular consumer-focused blogs on PAC’s website ( 

About the Pedorthic Association of Canada
The Pedorthic Association of Canada is a national, non-profit organization whose main mandate is to develop and promote the study, practice and knowledge of pedorthics in Canada. Identified with the designation C. Ped (C), all Canadian Certified Pedorthists must be members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada. For more information visit


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