Jamieson Vitamins Debuts Integrated Product Launch Marketing Campaign for Jamieson Healthy SLEEP™

Jamieson Vitamins Debuts Integrated Product Launch Marketing Campaign for Jamieson Healthy SLEEP™

TORONTO – February 16, 2016 – To kick off the New Year with a ZZZZZ, Jamieson Vitamins debuted an integrated marketing campaign to promote new Jamieson Healthy SLEEPTM, a, natural, time-released, non-habit-forming sleep aid containing melatonin and stress-relieving ingredients that helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The fully-integrated product launch campaign involved strategic planning and collaboration of Jamieson’s marketing partners – Cowan & Company on PR and Cundari on creative – and Jamieson’s internal marketing team on media planning, in-store POP, pharmacist outreach and social media initiatives.

“With an increasing number of touch points with consumers, it’s increasingly important to have an integrated message and strategy to optimize all communication channels,” said Samira Amin, Brand Manager at Jamieson. “Together we determined that highlighting the positive side effects of a good night’s sleep with recurring pillow imagery and a positive, natural message across all platforms was most impactful.”

The PR programming centred on making sleeping better your top New Year’s resolution for 2016. PR firm Cowan & Company (cowanandcompany.ca) kicked off long lead media relations in the fall by sending a creative ‘Pillow Talk’ media kit – featuring a king-sized pillow with messaging printed on the pillowcase – to target media and digital influencers. The kit also included details on the positive side effects sufficient sleep brings, statistics on sleep problems in Canada and samples of Jamieson Healthy SLEEP™.

In December and January, Cowan & Company and Jamieson partnered with well-known pharmacist and author of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Sherry Torkos, to conduct a media tour with numerous TV, radio and print interviews across the country to discuss the importance of sleep to overall health and showcase sleep enablers and disablers.

The product launched in stores in the fall and the paid media campaign started in October and will run until May. In January, Cundari (cundari.com) debuted 15 second English and French TV spots for Jamieson Healthy SLEEP, highlighting the positive side effects of getting better sleep

“For this campaign we leveraged the insight that consumers worry about the negative side effects of taking sleep aids. Because Jamieson Healthy SLEEPTM is a natural sleep aid with no negative side effects, we were able to create a fun twist on your typical Pharma ad. Instead of a long list of negative side effects in the fine print, the campaign lists the positive side effects of getting a great night’s sleep,” said Malcolm McLean, EVP Strategy, Insights and Planning at Cundari.

The campaign also includes radio, SEM including sponsored ads and social media initiatives such Facebook posts, tweets and email marketing communications.

To drive awareness and sales in-store, Jamieson’s internal design studio also created POP featuring the pillow imagery along with a call out message to “Get a better night’s sleep, naturally”. A pharmacist outreach program running from January to July will see Jamieson’s national sales force educating pharmacists about new Jamieson Healthy SLEEP™.

For more information about Jamieson Healthy SLEEP™ visit http://www.jamiesonvitamins.com.

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