Jamieson Launches BodyGUARD™ Bone Builder, New Calcium-Free Supplement for Protecting Bone Density

Jamieson Launches BodyGUARD™ Bone Builder, New Calcium-Free Supplement for Protecting Bone Density

TORONTO – October 7, 2015BONOLIVE®, a breakthrough olive leaf extract, which has been clinically proven to stimulate bone formation and reduce bone loss, is now available in Canada through Jamieson BodyGUARD™ Bone Builder. Jamieson BodyGUARD™ Bone Builder, the latest addition to the Jamieson BodyGUARD™ family, offers a calcium-free way to help prevent bone loss and maintain strong, healthy bones.

“The bones in our bodies are constantly renewing old bones break down and new ones form. However, as we age bone formation cannot keep pace with bone resorption so our bones weaken, making us more susceptible to osteoporosis,” says Michelle Latinsky, a Registered Dietitian with Jamieson Vitamins. “BONOLIVE® helps to naturally restore the normal balance in bone formation and bone resorption, as it increases the number of newly created bone building cells and protects against the loss of bone mineral density.”

A French research group studying the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet and the reasons why osteoporosis was lower in the region discovered that olive leaves contain a high concentration of oleuropein, an antioxidant that specifically supports bone formation and reduces bone loss. The group’s discovery led to the creation of BONOLIVE®, a unique, patent-protected mixture of specific olive polyphenols.

A calcium-free, once daily capsule, Jamieson BodyGUARD™ Bone Builder is the first supplement in Canada to contain a proprietary formulation of BONOLIVE® and is enriched with vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, two vitamins known for supporting bone health. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption in the body and vitamin K directs calcium into the bones and holds it there. Taking one capsule daily of Jamieson BodyGUARD™ Bone Builder along with eating a calcium-rich diet and doing regular weight-bearing exercise will help prevent bone loss.

“Osteoporosis is a silent thief. Although they cannot feel or see it, men and women start to lose bone density in their mid-30s and by the time they learn they have osteoporosis it is often too late to halt its damaging effects,” says Latinsky. “The best strategy is to start preventative exercise, diet and supplementation before bone loss occurs.”

According to Osteoporosis Canada, fractures from osteoporosis are more common than heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined. More than 80 per cent of all fractures in people over the age of 50 are caused by osteoporosis and at least one in three women and one in five men will experience an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime.

Jamieson BodyGUARD™ Bone Builder is available at pharmacy, grocery and mass retailers across Canada at a suggested retail price of $32.99 for 30 capsules. Before taking any new supplement, consumers should check with their healthcare provider to make sure it is appropriate for them.

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