#4 Star-ify your Product PR – Stars are People Too

#4 Star-ify your Product PR – Stars are People Too

#4 – Star-ify your Product PR – Stars are People Too
We’ve been very fortunate all the stars we’ve worked with on brand PR campaigns have been an absolute pleasure to work with. But being “on” and in the spotlight all day is exhausting. So before we talk about different formats for Celebrity Brand PR Events, you need to make sure you’re allocating time and budget right from the start of your planning to meet the Star’s personal requirements.


Remembering that stars are people too – and that each one is unique and has their own preferences and requirements – here are a few suggestions for planning for the perfect day:


  • Hair and Makeup – A Star’s image is their livelihood, so you need to appreciate and respect their team’s focus on making sure all photos of them at your event convey them in their best light. You’ll need to plan for up to two hours in your schedule for hair and makeup – plus touch ups through the day depending on what’s planned. If the Star has a preferred hair and makeup team they always work with, the glam element of the program can be unexpectedly expensive when you factor in their fees and travel costs – especially if their favourite artists live in LA and your event is in Toronto.


  • Lighting – Speaking of photos…lighting is paramount to ensuring flattering photos so you’ll want to be sure to maximize the lighting not only on the red carpet, but on the stage, interview suite, and anywhere else photos may be taken of the spokesperson.


  • Wardrobe – Often the Star will have a preferred Stylist they like to work with, who will find outfits for each appearance, or will have been loaned clothing by their favourite designers. We’ve had to have seamstresses make last minute adjustments and clothing steamers on stand-by to make sure each and every appearance is picture perfect.


  • Leisure Time – If the celebrity is coming to your city for multiple days, be prepared to play tour guide as they may look to you for suggestions on where to eat, play and shop in their off hours. And never assume. When one of our Star Spokespeople came to TIFF, we assumed she would be plied with film tickets. However, when we finally met in person she mentioned that she’d been online trying unsuccessfully to buy tickets (because she hadn’t wanted to bother the organizers!) we immediately called our TIFF contacts and hooked her up with a host of tickets to the top films.


  • Security/protection – Celebrities have different preferences when it comes to their protection – some are more laissez-faire and others more stringent. As a general rule of thumb, we like to have at least two security guards onsite for our celebrity events – one to accompany our Star Spokesperson and one for the door to make sure no uninvited people sneak in!


  • Food – The Star’s team may provide a list of preferred drinks, snacks and foods for meals for the Star’s scheduled breaks. We always try to coordinate this in advance but rarely do we get the details until the Star arrives and things are in progress. Upon arrival for a full day of interviews and events, one Star said she wanted to experience some of Toronto’s best dishes, even though she was only in town for a few hours and didn’t have time to leave the hotel. So we quickly contacted a few of our favourite restaurants and coordinated take out for arrival during her break.


PR Days are loooong and we are constantly in awe of the Stars we’ve worked with and what amazing ambassadors they are for our brands. Incorporating a little TLC and remembering they are people just like us goes a long way into making the day more enjoyable and successful for everyone.


Next week I’ll share some of our most successful formats for Celebrity Brand PR Events.


~ Cathy

The lovely and talented Blake Lively on the red carpet at the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Awards Gala in Toronto. She was an absolute dream to work with!

On the red carpet with the amazing Blake Lively and the incredible ladies of L’Oréal Paris at our inaugural Women of Worth Awards Gala in 2017. (yes, I am trying to hide my phone behind my back…need to take some posing lessons LOL!)